Production Details[edit | edit source]

Directed by: Dusty Nelson

Written by: Edithe Swensen

Caroline Bright: Connie Stevens

Jenny: Carolyn Clark

Jonathan Reed: Richard Kuhlman

Farley Bright: Peter Miller

Plot[edit | edit source]

Following the death of media personallity and pastor Farley Bright his three closest relatives are reunited for the reading of his will. Jonathan Farley's assistant and once lover to his humanitary niece Jenny and her greedy mother Caroline. In a video Farley says he will find a way of communicate with them, indeed his spirit uses Jenny as a medium. While a concerned Jonathan tries to help Jenny, Caroline is only interested in finding the missing will. After Harley reveals it's location the will reveals Jenny gets all the money, Jonathan becomes Harley's tv show new host and Caroline only gets 15% of his company. After been constatly possessed Jenny decides to deliver Harley to the devil who is after him, she seemingly suceeds but after Jenny and Jonathan leave as a couple Harley ghost returns to menace Caroline.

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