To her father's chagrin, a girl becomes obsessed with the lives of the inhabitants of her doll house.



The quiet and stable life of Audrey Hummel and her parents is disturbed when Audrey's uncle Richard brings home a dollhouse he found in an empty home. The previous home owners mysteriously disappeared, leaving nothing behind but the dollhouse.

Audrey is immediately taken with the doll family inside of the house. She names them "The Geezenstacks" and begins crafting elaborate stories about them. When Sam, Audrey's father, observes mysterious mishaps about the house, which mirror those Audrey's imagines of the Geezenstacks, he begins to suspect that the dollhouse is exacting a power over his family. Richard and Sam's wife Edith beg him to regain his wits.

That night, as the Hummel family goes to sleep, a strange power begins emanating from the dollhouse.

The next morning, Richard drops by...only to find the house almost completely vacant, with all of the furniture missing. The dollhouse, however, remains in the living room. Approaching the dollhouse, a growing dread seizes Richard, and he recalls earlier telling Sam and Edith how he had discovered the dollhouse in a strangely vacant home. Richard calls out to Sam and Edith. The scene cuts to Mr. and Mrs. Hummel in their bed. They can hear Richard, but his voice is oddly distorted, slowed down. To Richard's horror, he hears Sam and Edith calling to him...from the dollhouse. The Hummels' bedroom shakes as Richard grabs the dollhouse, and quakes in a mix of terror and grief. The Hummels themselves can do nothing, and they suddenly stiffen. Finally, Richard opens the dollhouse to find its interior has now become a toy version of the Hummel home, inhabited by lifeless doll versions of Sam, Edith and Audrey.

In the final scene, a woman, appearing to be a real estate agent and wearing the name tag "Louse Filler" enters the Hummel home. She spots the dollhouse and is intrigued. She opens it to find a doll lying down on the floor of the dollhouse's living room, presumably Uncle Richard. Also in the living room of the dollhouse is another dollhouse, a miniature. She opens the smaller dollhouse and observes a miniature dollhouse family inside.


  • This is the only known entry in IMDB for either Lana Hirsch or Stephanie Cassel, who isn't even credited.
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