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A witch captures a young boy and plans to eat him for dinner, however Timmy stalls her by narrating three horrific tales based on stories written by Stephen King and Arthur Conan Doyle.


Production Staff Edit

  • Directed by John Harrison
  • Producer - Richard P. Rubinstein

Wraparound Characters Edit

  • Deborah Harry as Betty
  • Matthew Lawrence as Timmy

Lot 249 Edit

  • Steve Buscemi as Edward Bellingham
  • Julianne Moore as Susan Smith
  • Christian Slater as Andy Smith
  • Robert Sedgwick as Lee
  • Donald Van Horn as Moving Man
  • Michael Deak as Mummy
  • George Guidall as Museum Director
  • Kathleen Chalfant as Dean
  • Ralph Marrero as Cabby

Cat From Hell Edit

  • William Hickey as Drogan
  • David Johanson as Halston
  • Paul Greeno as Cabbie
  • Alice Drummond as Carolyn
  • Dolores Sutton as Amanda
  • Mark Margolis as Gage

Lover's Vow Edit

  • James Remar as Preston
  • Rae Dawn Chong as Carola
  • Robert Klein as Wyatt
  • Ashton Wise as Jer
  • Philip Lenkowsky as Maddox
  • Joe Dabenigno as Cop #1
  • Larry Silvestri as Cop #2
  • Donna Davidge as Gallery Patron
  • Nicole Rochelle as Margaret
  • Daniel Harrison as John

Plot Edit