Season 4 of "Tales from the Darkside."

Season 4 FactsEdit

This is the last season before the show was changes to "Monsters."


Episode 1: Beetles

A curse is released when an explorer ignores the warnings on a sarcophagus.

Episode 2: Mary, Mary

An isolated woman becomes friends with her dolls.

Episode 3: The Spirit Photographer

A photographer takes pictures of ghosts

Episode 4: The Moth

A dying woman believes she will become a moth after death.

Episosde 5: No Strings

A mob boss forces a puppeteer to string up the corpse of his enemy as if it was a puppet.

Episode 6: The Grave Robber 

Grave robbers are forced to play strip poker with a mummy.

Episode 7: The Yattering and Jack

A demon is sent to taunt a man who doesn't believe in him.  If touched by the man, the demon falls under his control.

Episode 8: Seymourlama

A teenaged loser discovers he is the reincarnated leader of a religious community.

Episode 9: Sorry, Right Number

A woman tries to decipher a bizarre phone call before it's too late

Episode 10: Payment Overdue

A debt collector continues to work from beyond the grave.

Episode 11: Love Hungry

An overweight woman takes drastic measures to lose weight.

Episode 12: The_Deal

A Screenwriter makes an ill conceived deal

Episode 13: The Apprentice

A woman gets a job at a colonial village and ends up with more than she bargained for.

Episode 14: The Cutty Black Sow

A dying Grandmother warns her grandchild of an evil creature that comes for the dead.

Episode 15: Do Not Open This Box

A postman misdelivers a mystderious box to an old inventor and his nagging wife. The wife uses the box to force the postman to give her things to improve her home.

Episode 16: Family Reunion

Janice Perry claims her husband has kidnapped their son Bobby. Robert Perry insists that their son has been behaving oddly due to an illness and only he can cure him.

Episode 17: Going Native

An Alien studies a therapy group and wants to become human like them.

Episode 18: Hush

A boy invents a sound muffler that terrorizes he and his babysitter

Episode 19: Barter

.A young housewife with a noisy son buys an invention that quiets the boy in a way she never expected.

Episode 20: Basher Malone

A professional wrestler fights a demon wrestler.