The third season of "Tales from the Darkside."

Season 3 FactsEdit

The third season consisted of 22 episodes.


Episode 1: The Circus

A writer set to expose the inappropriate behavior of a circus owner gets a tour of the circus.

Episode 2: I Can't Help Saying Goodbye

A man's future sister in law can make people die by touching their faces and saying "goodbye."

Episode 3: The Bitterest Pill

The parents of a mistreated boy win the lottery and are offered an dubious investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Episode 4: Florence Bravo

A woman who is being cheated on is visited by the ghost of a woman who murdered her own adulterous husband.

Episode 5: The Geezenstacks

To her father's chagrin, a girl becomes obsessed with the lives of the inhabitants of her doll house.

Episode 6: Black Widows

A woman learns a secret about the women in her family the night before her wedding.

Episode 7: Heretic

A man buys a stolen painting and then faces an inquisition for his misdeed.

Episode 8: A Serpent's Tooth

A mother who feels unappreciated by her children comes into possession of a serpent's tooth that makes everything she says come true.

Episode 9: Baker's Dozen

A voodoo practioner bakes cursed food and pairs up with an agent to advertise her business.

Episode 10: Deliver Us From Goodness

A very saintly woman tries to break as many commandments as possible to break a power seemingly bestowed upon her by God.

Episode 11: Seasons of Belief

Two children who do not believe in Santa Claus are told a story by their parents about a creature called the Grither.

Episode 12: Miss May Dusa

A woman with amnesia befriends a blind sax player and slowly learns she is responsible for many deaths.

Episode 13: The Milkman Cometh

The men in town are leaving messages to a milkman who brings them anything they ask for... but there is always a price.

Episode 14: My Ghostwriter-The Vampire

A lousy horror writer allows a vampire to live with him in exchange for vampire tales which he then publishes.

Episode 15: My Own Place

A young man gets a great apartment and then meets his new roommate.

Episode 16: Red Leader

A business man is offered an executive position by the devil.

Episode 17: Everybody Needs a Little Love

A lonely and divorced man falls in love with a mannequin.

Episode 18: Auld Acquaintances

Two witches fight over an amulet for centuries.

Episode 19: The Social Climber

An assistant shoemaker learns to live the lives of others by wearing their shoes.

Episode 20: The Swap

A woman in the Louisiana bayou plans to murder her husband but it's not as easy as she thinks.

Episode 21: Let the Games Begin

A man dies and an angel and a devil fight for his soul.

Episode 22: The Enormous Radio

While listening to a new radio, a couple hears their neighbors' thoughts.

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