Production Details

Directed by: James Steven Sadwith

Written by: James Steven Sadwith

Biff: Greg Mullavey

Timmy: Seth Green

Helen: Beth McDonald

Nana: Elia Braca

Aunt Teresa: Paula Trueman

Horrible Witch: Leona Cyphers

Boogie Man: George Kyle


A boy's stepfather does not believe his story about monsters in his bedroom.


Act I

Young Timmy has a tough time bonding with his stepdad Biff; while Biff tries to play football and do other things to toughen the frail boy up, Timmy shows more interest in playing the piano and doing his homework. The mom Helen is seen comforting her son when his potato bug dies; Biff accuses her of coddling him too much.

At night, Timmy ritualistically checks his closet - then behind the dresser - then under the bed — before saying his prayers. He prays for many people, including his mom and “I guess Biff”. A pair of demonic orange eyes stare at him from the closet, but disappear when Helen comes in. She tucks him in, sings a lullaby, and leaves Timmy to sleep. Under his bed, a tentacle is seen moving around.

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