Michael McDowell is best known as a screenplay writer. He composed the teleplays of 11 episodes of "Tales from the Darkside" and directed one (Seasons of Belief). He was also responsible for the screenplays of several memorable horror-comedy films such as Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas (adaptation).

Overview Edit

Birth Name: Michael McEachern McDowell

Birthdate: June 1, 1950

Birthplace: Enterprise, Alabama, USA

Deathdate: December 27, 1999

Deathplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Cause: Unknown (AIDS related)

Biography Edit

Michael McDowell was born in Enterprise, Alabama. According to his biography in the 1985 edition of Toplin, McDowell lived in Medford, Massachusetts. He also maintained a residence in Hollywood with his sister Ann and adventurer-filmmaker Peter Lake.

The biography described a typical day: McDowell "writes in the mornings and spends the rest of the day looking out of the window in hope that something interesting will happen" and "collects photographs of corpses". He specialized in collecting photographs of train-decapitation victims and plaques from baby caskets.

McDowell's life partner of 30 years was the theatre historian and director Laurence Senelick.

McDowell died in 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts from AIDS-related illness. His unfinished novel Candles Burning was "completed" by Tabitha King, wife of Stephen King, and published in 2006.

Contributions to Tales from the DarksideEdit

Episode Role
"Inside the Closet" Writer
"The Word Processor of the Gods" Writer
"Answer Me" Story & teleplay
"Bigalow's Last Smoke" Teleplay
"Halloween Candy" Writer
"A New Lease on Life" Teleplay
"The Last Car" Writer
"Black Widows" Writer
"Seasons of Belief" Director, Writer
"The Moth" Writer
"The Cutty Black Sow" Teleplay


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