Title screen.

Season 2: Episode 5

Production Details

Directed by: Tom Savini

Written by: Michael McDowell

Mr. Killup: Roy Poole

Michael Killup: Tim Choate

Medical Examiner: David Varnay

Goblin: John Edward Allen

Children: Gary Pratt


A crabby old man would rather be mean to children than to deliver them Halloween candy.

Act I

It is Halloween.  Kids are trick or treating and getting plenty of candy.  

Michael Killup is visiting his elderly father.  He takes his father's cigarrette away, but Mr. Killip simply lights another one.  Mr. Killip tells his son that he hates Halloween and kids begging for candy.  He complains that the children soak his windows and toilet paper his trees, but Michael tells him that is simply because he did

Give out the candy!

not give them any candy.  Mr. Killip doesn't think that the kids should expect candy, but his son informs him that they do because his mom always gave the kids candy.  Michael admits that even when he was a child, he played tricks on those who would not give out candy.

Michael goes into the kitchen and begins sorting out the Halloween candy into bowls.  As he does, Mr. Killip mentions that he is now the meanest man on the block.  Michael closes the refrigerator, remarking that it has not closed correctly in nine years.  When Mr. Killip asks him what he is doing, Michael brings the candy into the living room, telling his dad to give it out because he does not want to end up cleaning up the soaped windows or cleaning out the toilet paper from the trees.  He tells his father he brought some Halloween candy to give out.  Mr. Killip feels it is a waste of money.  Michael insists that his father give out the candy and that he is completely capable of doing so.  Michael makes the point that Halloween does not last forever; it is only one night a year and is over by eight PM.  Mr. Killip still does not want to do it.  In fact, he mentions that if he is lucky one of the trick of treaters will drop dead on his porch of a sugar overdose.

When Michael is getting ready to leave, Mr. Killip asks him to lock up the windows.  He says he does not

The meanest man.

want children to try to get in the house when he doesn't give them candy.  Michael again tells him that the solution to this is to simply give out the candy.
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