Tales from the Darkside Intro 80's

Tales from the Darkside Intro 80's

The iconic opening for Tales From the Darkside.

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“Tales from the Darkside“ is a horror anthology show from the 1980s. It was produced by George A. Romero and was the television continuation of the movie "Creepshow."


In 2013, I found that there was no comprehensive online resource for "Tales From the Darkside."  Being that it has always been one of my favorite shows, I decided to get to work on creating one.  

Unfortunately, it has been a long time coming due to not always having the time to spend on an online encyclopedia.  

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First Trip to the DarksideEdit

The success of the George Romero and Stephen King collaboration "Creepshow," reinvigorated the concept of the horror anthology.  Warner Brothers owned "Creepshow" and approached Romero about taking the concept and adapting it for television. The result of this was "Tales from the Darkside."  The television series maintained the anthology concept, yet dropped several of the traits that identified it as a continuation of "Creepshow." Other than the name change, "Tales from the Darkside" also dropped the comic book elements that were a signature of "Creepshow."

"Tales from the Darkside" ran for four seasons before it was replaced by the show "Monsters."  Technically, both shows were produced as the same show and "Monsters" was a continuation of "Tales from the Darkside."

Generally airing late at night in syndication, "Tales from the Darkside" became well known based on its creepy opening sequence.  This showed several rural areas, accompanied with an eerie theme music, followed by a narrator who spoke in a creepy voice introducing the Darkside as a an underworld where things are real, but not as brightly lit.

Episodes of the show were known for being extremely low budget, often with cheesey special effects.  Even with the budget, several of the episodes were written or based on stories by prominent horror writers.  Among them were Stephen King, Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison and Robert Bloch.  Many well known actors at the time such as Harry Anderson, Tipi Hedren and Phyllis Diller appeared on the show as well as many future stars such as Christian Slater, Marcia Cross and Justine Bateman.

This wiki will only cover the four seasons that the program was known as "Tales from the Darkside."

Seasons of "Tales from the Darkside"Edit

Season One The inaugural season of "Tales from the Darkside."  24 episodes.

Season Two The sophmore season of "Tales from the Darkside." 24 episodes.

Season Three The junior season of "Tales from the Darkside."  24 episodes.

Season Four The senior season of "Tales from the Darkside."  24 episodes.


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Tales from Darkside

The title screen from the opening credits.

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