Production DetailsEdit

Directed by: Gerald Cotts

Written by: James Houghton

Based on a story by: Edward F. Shaver

Jake Corelli: Abe Vigoda

Michealson: David Chandler

Angelo: Ralph Monaco

Ross: David Glen

Marie Corelli: Tracy Kolis

Corelli's Father: Dominic Chianese


Mobster Jake Correli is diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just weeks to live. A scientist from a company he calls "AfterLife" makes a visit and reveals he can keep Corelli's brain alive after death and give it the power of dreams. With no other choice Corelli undergoes the procedure after paying 10 million dollars, it works but the scientist then leaves Corelli mind in a world of nightmares alongside the brains of his fellow mobsters. Implying the scientist is either an avenger or the devil himself.

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